Intuitive Energy Adventure
This is NOT Mindset Coaching.
This IS Soul Guidance.

Move from Overwhelm to Empowered
Connect to your super powers!
Tune in and Set Your Vibrational Tone!
Get ahead of the curve when you tap into your Unseen Resources!

If you've been...

​giving all your energy away and feeling exhausted

doubting your instincts and intuitive voice

looking for outside validation

suffering from 'sympathy' pains

feeling burned out

taking it 'too personally'

avoiding the crowds and staying bundled up at home

the one that everyone dumps their problems on

you're feeling drained beyond a physical fatigue

Imagine how it would feel...

To be energetic and vibrant

To ditch those Energy Vampires

To learn how to move from empathy to compassion

To truly hear and trust your intuition

To hold space instead of being dumped on

What if you had insider information (that was legal) that helped you make the most informed decision possible!



LIFETIME Access to an Intuitive Energy Toolbox

(put your finger on exactly what to do in each energy crisis and which tool to use!)


Meeting LIVE 6 times for

Customized Energy Guidance + Group Coaching

in Alignment with the Full and New Moons

every other week


And each LIVE Session Experience and Receive

Channeled Healing Energies!!


You WILL BE CONFIDENT in Following your

Inner Guidance System


Creating Healthy Boundaries.


You WILL KNOW just what to do
what to say

in those moments
when you're being pushed and bullied
into a choice that does not sit well with your soul.


Together we will do the internal play (work)
to make the vibrational shift
that will

*  release the anxiety  *

*  set healthy boundaries  *

*  clear your energetic field  *

*  release the shoulda, coulda, wouldas  *

*  uncover your limitless potential!  *

Higher Learning & Soul Expansion

I will teach you EXACTLY which TOOL and PRACTICE to use to feel FOCUSED, CENTERED, and PRODUCTIVE.

Here’s the truth... using these ancient and modern modalities you WILL FEEL EMPOWERED.
You WILL KNOW the BEST CHOICE for you.

Even if you feel like you always had to shout to be heard,
that often you were simply invisible,
you hung on the edges because you felt that you didn't fit in.

No need to hide to survive.

Plant your feet firmly and THRIVE!

I will not tell you to simply use affirmations and make dream boards to "manifest" your heart's desire.

I will teach you WHAT to DO every day to uncover your unique gifts and live a joyful and free life!

Each day you’ll do ONE thing to move you closer to:

--> Clarity - with Eagle eye vision see the big picture and be able to hone in on the details.

--> Empowered Choices - choose from your heart, not the overbearing influence of other's opinions.

--> Healthy Boundaries - know where you end and another person begins.
This LIVE Group Coaching

is built on PROVEN  

It’s the foundation you can use to live a more INTUITIVE, JOYFUL, and PLAYFUL life!
You are never alone on this journey!
“We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” ~ Archilochus

When you are in the midst of crisis, you need answers yesterday. 

All the time you put into your routines and practices will save the day.

Especially with your specially customized Trello board of practices, tools, techniques, and more that are designed just for you and work!

Only by tuning into your energy field will you discover that you are not at the whim of the fates ....

You are an adventurer.

(You have the hat to prove it.)

Here is what actual clients have said:
Irena is what everyone needs in an energy guide and healer. She has a true gift for connecting with your cosmic energies and communicating with the guides and guardians around you.
She is also what everyone wants in a guide and healer. Her deep knowledge and insights are always delivered with grace and kindness. Her energy work unblocks obstacles and clears pathways so you can make the most of your life.

~ David Rippe
Sneak Peak Into the Adventure
Watch a Special Demo of What it Looks Like Inside this Program!
This is an ever EVOLVING Adventure. I tailor it specifically to the group that is present.

I reserve the right to continue to add to this program and make it better and better for YOU!!
An Adventure of the Highest Magnitude
This is a journey of SELF-discovery.

This is about creating a strong relationship with your inner guidance system and your unseen resources.

What if you had an internal radar?
Guiding you to turn left or right.

Offering you solid, valid, and good information.

Directions you didn't have to think twice about.

The LIVE Interactive ADVENTURE
Move from Overwhelmed to Empowered

What to Expect:
1.  6 LIVE Zoom calls (60 minutes each) spanned over 90 days from when you join - where you explore, learn, and discover what it feels like to have greater CLARITY, FOCUS, and HEALTHY BOUNDARIES.

Tuesdays at Noon EST.

Replays will be available.

Direct Access to me to ask your questions and receive customized guidance.

(Valued at $2000)

2. Lifetime Access to the Program and ALL the Additional Trainings that are continuously added.


3.  Weekly Customized Energy Practices that can be woven into your daily routine to MAXIMIZE your JOY and FREEDOM during the day.
Be seen and heard when you choose and share your unique gifts!

(Valued at $500)

4.  Create your own personalized dictionary for navigating your unseen resources and make EMPOWERED choices.

(Valued at $500)

5.  A customized container of practices, tools, techniques, and more that are designed just for you and work! 

(Valued at $1000)

6.  Private Facebook Group that is active during the live group adventure. COMMUNITY, SUPPORT, and GUIDANCE along each step!

(Valued at $1000)
Total Program Valued at $5,000
Plus 3 Amazing Bonuses
1. Energy In/Energy Out
A deep dive into your Energy Centers - the 7 Main Chakras

'(Valued at $197)

2. How To Clear Space Sacred Ritual
Great to get the crazy vibes out after the holiday parties!!

(Valued at $97)
3. What is Your Natural Intuitive Gifts Workshop
You will be guided through a quiz that helps you determine what your natural intuitive gifts are and given real life examples of these gifts in action!

(Valued at $47)
All this for only

1 payment of


3 payments of
over 90 days

This Adventure will FEED YOUR SPIRIT
Why do I need a guide on this journey?

You can look up information but without the right guidance it can fall short of the mark.
In case we haven't met...
Hi, I'm Irena!  

Lover of Boston Terriers, great coffee, and hats!

I'm an Energy Coach who helps you tap into your unseen resources with ancient and modern day practices. 

My mission is to help connect you, an intuitive adventurer, to simple and powerful techniques that will tune you into your abundance!

I believe that you will be able to accomplish great things when you feed your spirit and create a solid relationship with your angels and guides. 

This is more than self-care, it's soul nurturing. It is beyond mindset, this is energy and it is setting your frequency. 

This is knowing that you can engage with life and align your self in such a way that your heart's desires come to be.

My mantra is, "We are spiritual beings, having a human experience." I will teach you how to tap into your unseen resources - Angels, Saints, Guides, and more with Energy exercises, guided visualizations, crystals, cards, intuitive readings, and yoga. With a variety of techniques like creating Sacred Space, Smudging, Burning Bowl, Color Therapy, Energy Medicine, Healing Sounds, and more, I will create a highly customized practice for this special group!

With over 20 years of teaching yoga, meditation, and energy work I realize that it’s easy to forget your gifts and light within.

I am a Certified Yoga Teacher - 500 E-RYT YACEP with the Yoga Alliance
Certified Natural Rhythms Priestess
Certified Tarot Reader
Certified and Initiated in 5 different styles of energy, plus deep study into many more
Sekhem, Sekheim, Reiki, IQM, Quantum Physics, Energy Medicine, Balancing Chakras, Crystals, Sacred Rituals, Clearing Space.