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stop life happening to you  . . . 
. . . take charge + set your course

Creating Sacred Space to Nourish Your Best Karma

Time is crunched and the pressure is on . . . do you feel it . . .

  • The to-do List keeps growing.
  • Family, work, and community responsibilities add to the stress.
  • There's no where to rest and step away from it all.

What if there was a way to . . .

Restore your energy without the hotel room or vacation. A way to create breathing room.

Stop the mind from racing in worry and lose that babbling, bumbling feeling.

Shift from scattered to being present in the moment and able to fall asleep with ease.

Allow me to share the 3 B's

Even when time is crunched and the pressure is on . . .

Create Sacred Space to Nourish Your Spirit . . .

  • Breathing Room - Slow things down with this breathing practice no matter what's going on.
  • Babbling Brook - A meditation to wash away the debris and recharge your batteries.
  • Be Present  - Flip perspective and see the moment through a different lens with this one simple gesture.

Included in this Masterclass

Creating Sacred Space to Rest  + Recharge

I will share the practices to help you benefit from this
super rare Summer Solstice + Solar Eclipse energy.

Breath for Balance

Step by Step Practice

The breathing practices that keep yogis calm, clear minded, and present.

(Valued at $120)

Babbling Brook Meditation

Step by Step Practice

A meditation to wash away the worry and recharge your batteries.

(Valued at $120)

Be Present Movement

Step by Step Practice

A special practice to feel less drained, bring your Spirit home, and be present.

(Valued at $120)

Channeled Energy to Balance Your Chakras

Step by Step Practice

This for that moment when you need that quick pick-me-up boost and wish to simply receive a deep energetic clearing.

(Valued at $120)


For You => $97


What you receive in this Masterclass . . .

  • Breath for Balance (Value $120)
  • Babbling Brook Meditation (Value $120)
  • Be Present Movement (Value $120)
  • Channeled Energy ​(Value $120)


For You => $97 

Creating Sacred Space
to Rest + Recharge

after working with me...

In case we haven't met...

Hi, I'm Irena!  
Lover of Boston Terriers, great coffee, and hats!
I'm an Energy Coach who helps you tap into your unseen resources with ancient and modern day practices. 
My mission is to help connect you, an intuitive adventurer, to simple and powerful techniques that will tune you into your abundance!
I believe that you will be able to accomplish great things when you feed your spirit and create a solid relationship with your angels and guides. 

This is more than self-care, it's soul nurturing. It is beyond mindset, this is energy and it is setting your frequency. 
This is knowing that you can engage with life and align your self in such a way that your heart's desires come to be.

My mantra is, "We are spiritual beings, having a human experience." I will teach you how to tap into your unseen resources - Angels, Saints, Guides, and more with Energy exercises, guided visualizations, crystals, cards, intuitive readings, and yoga. With a variety of techniques like creating Sacred Space, Smudging, Burning Bowl, Color Therapy, Energy Medicine, Healing Sounds, and more, I will create a highly customized practice for this special group!

With over 20 years of teaching yoga, meditation, and energy work I realize that it’s easy to forget your gifts and light within.

I am a Certified Yoga Teacher - 500 E-RYT YACEP with the Yoga Alliance
Certified Natural Rhythms Priestess
Certified Tarot Reader
Certified and Initiated in 5 different styles of energy, plus deep study into many more
Sekhem, Sekheim, Reiki, IQM, Quantum Physics, Energy Medicine, Balancing Chakras, Crystals, Sacred Rituals, Clearing Space.